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What Are Your Basics of Health?

As we assess the needs of our patients and our plan to assist them in their healthcare goals, we consider six separate, yet connected components of the basics of health.

Dental Harmony

The ability of the teeth to complement each other during chewing function as well as the effect of dental infections as they impact the entire body is the very first thing that we evaluate. After all, we are a dental office!

Muscular Balance

If the teeth are out of balance, it can affect the muscles of the head and neck, and eventually the entire body.

Joint Stability

Without proper support of the teeth the jaw joint, also known as the TMJ (temporomandibular joint), the other joints of the body can also be affected.

Neurologic Integrity

Anyone who has had pain in the mouth, head or neck has witnessed the impact of how the brain interprets a signal of discomfort from the mouth and surrounding areas. The facial area supplied by the most powerful cranial nerve in the body (the trigeminal nerve) is directly responsible for almost 50% of what the brain is processing at any given time. We use our knowledge of this impressive and complicated neurological system to help our patients lead healthier, happier lives.

Airway Sufficiency

The ability of air to flow from the nose and mouth to the lungs is directly impacted by the structure of the mouth, especially the tongue. We help diagnose potential restrictions in this area and provide solutions to improve the ability to properly breathe and provide oxygen to the body through dental therapies.

Comprehensive Wellness

The mouth is where “life” begins. Communication, breathing, eating, drinking and smiling are critical to everyday quality of life. Function and appearance directly affect a person’s feeling of emotional, physical and functional wellness.

Why Choose Synergy Dental Solutions?

We understand that dentistry is an emotional subject for many who have negative opinions about what they might have experienced in the past. We treat the entire patients’ needs to the best of our ability and love seeing our patients relax and enjoy our office and team. The extra touch of aromatherapy, heated neck towels and friendly faces are things that our patients have come to appreciate about our level of commitment to their comfort.

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