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Breath is Life

Breathing is the most important foundational physiological function. At birth, we take our first breath and the end of life is signaled by a long exhalation.

Every minute throughout life, we breathe, sometimes easier, sometimes with more difficulty. If breathing is a challenge, we compensate, increasing the rate or depth of breathing. With greater effort, heart rate and blood pressure may increase. We may further compensate by altering our body posture, assuming a forward head and strained neck position. Shoulders, mid-back and low-back can compensate for lack of efficient breathing. Chronic neck and back pain may also result, but the system compensates since breathing has priority. 

Form Follows Function

Breathing is also affected by anatomical structures such as the nose, mouth, tongue and throat. Inflamed membrane of the nose and throat from allergies, high and narrow palatal arches in the mouth and posterior positioning of the tongue all create breathing resistance requiring greater compensation. How we breathe is monitored automatically by the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Constant instantaneous adjustments are made to heart rate and respiration rate. With every inhalation, there is an increase in heart rate and accompanying each exhalation, there is a decrease in heart rate.

Anatomical, physiological and psychological changes can cause inefficient, shallow, fast breathing. Inefficient breathing requires more energy and can result in poor un-restorative sleep and performance. Inefficient breathing can prevent children and adults from realizing full physical, intellectual and emotional potential. 

We are acutely aware of how poor breathing impacted not only the systemic health of all our dental, TMJ, Sleep Apnea and chronic pain patients but also how it impacted their quality of life!

Lois Laynee, PhD created The Laynee Restorative Breathing Method which blends the physiology, biochemistry and ANS function of breathing, along with innovative, precise techniques which are simple, straight forward and successful.


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