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One of the most controversial topics in holistic dentistry is of the validity of root canal therapy. We offer our patients an option to the more traditional root canal procedure that provides addition benefits based on the concerns of the alternative health care providers who advocate the removal of all teeth treated with root canal therapy as a preventative treatment for cancer and other medical conditions.

Not all teeth can be saved through root canal therapy, but with additional techniques and technologies, it is our goal to save more teeth while still maintaining optimal health and function through careful diagnosis, meticulous follow-up and our more biological approach to root canal therapy.

1. What is Wholistic Dentistry

Many dentists prefer to operate under the policies of the American Dental Association which allows the use of mercury and refuses to acknowledge the potentially harmful effects of fluoride. For patients interested in focusing on the whole body instead of focusing on just the teeth, the iHealth program is designed just for you.

We believe that offering dental care with the goal of improving the health of the entire body is providing the best and highest use of our time and talents for our patients.

We have invested in training, equipment and technology to offer patients a choice in their dental experience.

2. Does the office use digital x-rays only?

Yes. We follow the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) when determining radiation exposure for our patients and have invested in the most modern technology to aid in x-ray and fluorescence technology.

3. Is this a mercury-free practice? Are you also mercury-safe?

Mercury-free dentists make a choice not to place any new mercury fillings. Mercury-safe dentists follow protocols when removing mercury fillings to minimize the exposure of mercury vapor to the patient, staff and the environment. 

We are proud to say that we are both a mercury safe and mercury-free office and avoid the use of metal in our restorations whenever possible.

4. What kind of material compatibility testing do you use?

Even though we use the very best and most biologically compatible materials on a daily basis, there is the possibility that no single dental material is "the best" for every person. The decision concerning material testing is a very personalized decision and is different for every patient.

Please ask a team member or Dr. Tenholder for more information on your choices for dental material compatibility testing.

5. Is there a particular sequence for removal of restorations (mercury     filling, metal crowns, etc.) that is followed?

The answer to this question depends on the needs and requests of the patient. Failing restorations and infected teeth are our biggest priorities. A gold crown adjacent to mercury restorations is our next priority as much more mercury is released by this combination of metals.

6. What kinds of protective barriers are used in your office during           removal of existing mercury fillings?

Eye protection is available for the patient and staff. Nasal coverage with alternate air supply for the patient is available for those who request it. Some research indicates that supplemental oxygen increases mercury uptake into the patient and we encourage our patients to research and select the option most comfortable for them. Disposable draping material is available for those who request it for the face, neck and body even though we do not use it routinely on every patient in completely covering the face and neck. The standard protocol is the traditional patient napkin but we are happy to provide additional draping at the request of the patient.

7. Does the doctor use a dental dam during mercury filling removal?

A rubber dental dam (latex or latex-free) can be used with a suction tip under the dam to pick up mercury vapors. We also utilize HgX* lotion to assist in trapping vapors.

*HgX is a hand cream and cleaner that is intended for use as a barrier for exposed skin when working with elemental mercury as well as a hand cleaner after working with mercury.

8. How do you keep from heating up the mercury filling during               removal?

Copious amounts of cool water are sprayed on the point of contact of the drill with the filling in addition to the water spray coming from the dental hand piece.

9. What is a WATER Room?

Our WATER Room stands for Whole*istic Alternative Treatment and Exam Room. It has been specifically designed with state-of-the-art medical grade equipment in order to provide the highest quality treatment. By utilizing this modern technology we are able to optimize an effective treatment of the many connections between oral and overall health.

10. How is the room air protected?

During mercury filling removal, two suction sources are at the site of mercury filling removal to pick up mercury vapors and mercury filings. We will also typically have air filters in treatment rooms to help with air purification.

11. How is the mercury filling removed from the tooth?

Using new burs, we are careful about removing mercury fillings in "chunks" to minimize vaporization and tissue contact with mercury material.

12. Is there any special rinsing provided during and after removal?

We use oral rinses before starting removal of mercury fillings and provide multiple rinses during and after the removal procedure.

13. As a group, Biological Dentists are inclined to share the following       practices but may vary in their approach:

In our practice, fluoride use is minimized for most patients and eliminated for those who request it. No metals are used with restorative dentistry if requested by the patient and minimized for most restorations if there is an acceptable alternative available. No titanium implants unless requested by the patient.

We have full spectrum lighting and we often work with like-minded Medical Doctors (MD), Osteopathic Physicians (DO), Natural Medicine Doctors (ND) and Chiropractors for patient nutritional supplementation, detox, and appropriate corrections. We will work with the healthcare provider of your choice to coordinate your treatment with nutritional supplementation/detox/chelation. We have recommendations available for local healthcare providers who provide counseling and services that we have found helpful to our patients who were interested in similar options.

We encourage our patients to do their research and find the level of services that they are comfortable with in their dental experience. We do not judge your beliefs or preach ours to you. Some patients will be comfortable with the standard and traditional mercury removal methods. Some will feel more comfortable with additional precautions in place. This is a very personal decision and we leave that up to our patients to decide. We are happy to provide the level of care that our patients request.

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