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Everything is Connected

It might seem too “touchy-feely” for some to want to understand the relationships between mind, body and spirit, but for others it is their true path to wellness. The connections between some of the often difficult to diagnose conditions of emotional and physical health are the focus of this component of our health care model at Synergy Dental Solutions.


In order to assist our patients in their journey towards health, we want to be able to recognize the need for them to be able to ingrate how they feel about themselves physically with how they view themselves emotionally. There are many resources available that have been helpful to our patients including counselors and self-help opportunities


The nutritional aspect of health is critically important in how the structure of the body functions. Our role in treating the structure of the body by influencing the mouth is often limited by chronic inflammation caused by food and chemical sensitivities that the patient may not be aware of. Even though it is not our primary focus of treatment, it often needs to be addressed if we want our patients to achieve and maintain optimal wellness and function.

Dental Influence

Another source of chronic inflammation that often provides a restriction to optimal health is the health of the teeth and gums. Our program specifically addresses the concerns of those who are interested in a more biological or holistic approach to dentistry than most other dental providers perform at their offices by providing mercury free and mercury safe dental options as well as education about options to fluoride use.

One of the most controversial topics in holistic dentistry is of the validity of root canal therapy. We offer our patients an option to the more traditional root canal procedure that provides addition benefits based on the concerns of the alternative health care providers who advocate the removal of all teeth treated with root canal therapy as a preventative treatment for cancer and other medical conditions. Not all teeth can be saved through root canal therapy, but with additional techniques and technologies, it is our goal to save more teeth while still maintaining optimal health and function through careful diagnosis, meticulous follow-up and our more biological approach to root canal therapy. Click here to  learn how we do root canals differently.

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