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We Do Root Canal Therapy Differently

At Synergy Dental Solutions we do our best to provide optimal, state of the art care for our patient while respecting their valuable time and resources. In many cases when a tooth is badly diseased, multiple procedures must be performed to return that tooth to a state of health and function.

Our combined care therapy for an advanced stage of disease includes treating all areas of infection, inflammation and structural repair for the tooth and surrounding tissues in an efficient method that respects the body’s ultimate capacity to heal in only two strategically timed appointments.

Root Canal = Controlled Crash

It's never our first choice but often our last resort. The damage to the tooth and bone didn’t happen overnight and will not be repaired overnight. Current research shows that providing 4 weeks of healing time using calcium hydroxide therapy dramatically improves the prognosis of the badly damaged tooth that requires root canal therapy.

Dr. Tenholder believes so strongly in the benefit of this procedure that she has incorporated this technique as her standard of care for root canal therapy in her office. If a patient demands that their root canal be performed at one visit, Dr. Tenholder will be happy to refer you to a root canal specialist (endodontist) for the completion of your procedure.

Healing is a Process

During the healing time for the root canal treated tooth, the gum tissue will also be healing from the decontamination provided by the diode laser during the first session of your combined care therapy. You will be fitted with a temporary crown that will provide the optimal structural healing environment for the tooth and surrounding tissues while your custom ceramic crown is being fabricated at the dental laboratory.

At the final visit of your combined care therapy we will complete the root canal by placing the final bioceramic sealer in the root canal system to ensure that the tooth is both as decontaminated as possible and protected from further infection. In addition, your permanent crown will be fitted and cemented to complete the active stage of therapy.

Evolving Evalution Can Determine Overall Health

We recommend careful ongoing reevaluation of your healing progress to ensure that your tooth is responding to therapy and is a good candidate for retaining in your body. If for some reason your body does not respond to therapy and the area surrounding your tooth does not heal, we will recommend careful removal of your tooth to ensure that all of the infection is removed.

Not all teeth will respond optimally to root canal therapy, but with proper nutritional support, appropriate antibiotic therapy, the high-tech procedures and state-of-the-art technology available through modern and alternative dentistry, our success rates for saving many teeth from unnecessary surgical removal and the complications associated with oral surgery and tooth loss is something that we are very proud of.

We advocate ongoing evaluation of the level of healing for teeth treated with root canal therapy and will recommend endodontic evaluation and follow up appointments at 1 month, your next recare (checkup) appointment and annually thereafter. You will be provided with options as to your preference on the testing methods that you wish to receive at those endodontic evaluation appointments. 

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