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We Want to Meet You Where You Are

We hope these levels of care make sense to you. It is not uncommon for people to begin at one level and progress to another over time. We are here to help you discover and decide at what level of care you are most comfortable. Thank you for the opportunity to serve and provide you with the best dentistry for you. 



Patients in crisis or with an emergency problem such as pain, swelling or bleeding that need immediate help. We do our best to see our patients as soon as possible when they are having a dental emergency.


“Pull it or patch it up, Doc”

Patients choosing this level of care desire treatment only when something breaks or becomes uncomfortable. The general expectation is a limited type of examination focusing on obvious problems. Patients usually want to correct immediate problems with as little effort and cost as possible. 


“If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”

Patients choosing this level of care want a thorough examination and take an active part in the treatment and prevention of present and future disease problems.


“Let’s do it right.  I don’t want my teeth to hurt  me, embarrass me or cost more money to fix it later”

Patients choosing this level are similar to people described in level 3. While they still want a thorough examination, they decide on a MASTER PLAN to formulate a long-term treatment plan for their best health. These patients are very concerned about treating the causes of dental disease, not simply the effects. These patients want all dental treatment provided to be completed in the most lasting fashion possible. 


My smile represents who I am

Patients choosing level 4 as far as dental health is concerned, but also want to look their best at all times. They know that their smile is one of the first things others notice about them. 


The health of my mouth affects my overall wellness

in this group fully understand that their dental health is connected to their overall health.  They have decided to above and beyond the traditional tooth-based approach of dentistry to understand and achieve optimal health. 

Most patients who choose this level of care also enroll in our  iHealth program.  


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