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What is Bite4Balance and What Does it Mean for Me?

The Bite4Balance analysis is beneficial for those who seek to improve the function of their body by understanding how the bite can affect their postural balance. With this assessment our goal is to investigate which people would benefit from dental appliance therapy to gain more strength, flexibility and stability with understanding the opportunities available through bite optimization.

Our Bite4Balance postural assessment includes the following:

T Scan Occlusal Analysis

Our computerized bite analysis allows us to see the specific contact points of the teeth as they touch as well as the muscular patterns that direct those forces. It is an invaluable tool in adjusting the properly designed mouthguard for neuromechanical athletic advantage.

Postural Analysis Mat

Our postural analysis mat provided by Statera, powered by Sensor Medica and the FreeStep software that supports it allow us to use highly sophisticated technology to visualize the posture as the body relates to the ground as well as the postural compensations that the body uses to orient itself for postural stability. It is able to measure the pressure points on the feet, force distribution and the body’s postural sway stability to determine if an athlete is able to benefit from mouthguard therapy as well as to refine that athlete’s ideal position. It is also helpful in assessing concussion severity and a tool to measure recovery with the postural sway assessment function.

Motor Nerve Reflex Testing

Dr. John Beck (orthopedic surgeon) has developed sophisticated testing that allows testing of structural injury and the response of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS acts as the control system for the body for tasks not consciously controlled including: heart rate, digestion, breathing, salivation, sweating and pupil dilation. This system of examination allows us to determine postural balance as well as the state of nerve inflammation that produce protective responses for people who are compensating for an imbalance or injury. Motor nerve reflex testing follows a plan of evaluation measuring the individual’s ability to respond to certain tests to enable us to find the true cause of the potential underlying structural problem.

Positional Reflex Neuromechanical Screening

This testing uses applied kinesiology to test how certain parts of the body respond to certain pressures and positions. This is another tool for us to quickly use the body’s own signals to find answers to the questions that we seek concerning the structural relationships of the joints of the body.

Airway and Structural Assessment

Visual Midline Assessment

We utilize a simple screening tool to determine if the person’s eyes are perceiving the center of their face as their true visual midline. Many people who have postural imbalance, headaches and neck pain have issues that are directly related to their vision.

Range of Motion (ROM) Exam

We measure the ability of the jaw joint (TMJ) and cervical (neck) joints to move as a determination of their ability to function normally and help guide our therapies to restore ideal function. Measurements are taken to monitor the ability to open the mouth, turn the neck and rotate the trunk at the waist.

Posture Grid Photos

Our FreeStep software that runs our posture mat utilizes a feature that allows us to capture posture images and digitally measure structral landmarks to assess the posture of the body as the patient progresses through their treatment.

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